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Jay Rare Offers Free Rides In His “Tesla”

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Jay Rare

A hip-hop song with high energy and dance vibes.

Jay Rare is a hip-hop artist and producer who has always been known as a person with good energy. In his free time as a young man, he freestyled or made songs with his friends. When he arrived in college, music-making went from being a hobby to being his career path. Rare and fellow producer/DJ Steve Cardigan paired up to form the duo The Plug. Shortly after, Rare signed to a label in LA. He started doing work for other artists and producers, and, over time, he worked on more significant projects with more prominent names. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Jay Rare’s latest album contains the track, “Tesla.”

“Tesla”is a fun-spirited, modern rap song. Rare’s lighthearted energy is woven through every lyric and beat, so “Tesla” is a must-have at a day party playlist. I wouldn’t be surprised if it resurfaces in a few weeks with a TikTok dance. It has a fantastic beat under intense rap lyrics and a few out-of-pocket lines, but what’s a good song without something that makes your jaw drop? It’s a song suggestive of many things, but one message is clear: There is no room for those who don’t love music. Clearly, Rare and Keyan are skilled musicians with a lot to offer in every piece. So, stream Jay Rare’s “Tesla” today to have that dance vibe at your party.

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