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Young Klean Says You’d “Best Believe”

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Best Believe

Young Klean

A hip-hop single with a smooth flow and a unique message.

Connecticut-based musician, Young Klean, is a rising rapper making waves in Connecticut’s expanding hip-hop music scene. According to a recent interview, Klean first started crafting his own tunes in high school. He shifted his focus from sports to music after experiencing the loss of his best friend when he was just 14 years old. Klean’s unique style offers a diverse variety of influences such as hip-hop, trap, and R&B. Since dropping his first track back in 2013, the artist has only continued to craft new tunes for his listeners. His music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Young Klean’s most recent release is the hip-hop single, “Best Believe.”

“Best Believe” tells the laws of the streets as they are by claiming an uncaring tone. However, lyrics like “Best believe, this is a hustle baby; naw this isn’t love” and “Best believe, what you need; ain’t nothing out here free” are delivered with plenty of passion to offset that. At the same time, Klean reflects on his never-ending grind to the top. The message is really an instruction book on how to do the same. This song still manages to be a rap classic in its delivery. With smooth flows and a solid storytelling experience, “Best Believe” offers you the inside tricks. So, stream Young Klean’s “Best Believe” today to learn how you can get all the way up to fame.

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