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Shocka Tells Us "Don't Be Afraid"

Don’t Be Ashamed


A classic rap song with essential takeaways.

Shocka is a Tottenham-born and raised rapper. He broke out into the Grime scene as a member of the Grime collective Marvell, along with Double S and Vertex. Collectively, they’ve gone on tour with certified MCs like Skepta and Chip. Shocka makes his music to help people deal with their individual trauma or problems. He has been vocal about his advocacy for mental health by speaking on numerous talk shows and TEDxTALK. Shocka’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music. His latest single is the rap hit, “Don’t Be Ashamed.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Don’t Be Ashamed” is a rap song with pop and Caribbean elements incorporated throughout (They’re particularly audible in the chorus). In the rest of the song, Shocka raps about his close relationship with his fans. He explains how they’ve developed a deep connection through him being open about his mental health struggles. Despite more recent awareness on the subject, mental health is a topic people still shy away from talking about. People of all ages need inspiration from figures like Shocka who aren’t afraid to share their stories. So, stream Shocka’s “Don’t Be Ashamed” today to learn why mental health is not a problem to ignore.

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