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The Paper Outlet Desire “>Just Friends”

The Paper Outlet Thinks We're More Than ">Just Friends"

>Just Friends

The Paper Outlet

A pop song with soft elements to help convey your feelings.

The Paper Outlet is a songwriting duo who sets no musical boundaries for themselves. Instead, what they like to do is mix and match; as a reuslt, they dabble in every genre. The two friends have been releasing together for the last three years. However, they sound like they’ve been in this business for years. Their previous works include “Damage Me” and “Selling All My Gold,” two popular mixed tracks that showcase their talents. These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. The Paper Outlet’s newest official release is the soft pop single, “>Just Friends.”

We’ve all wanted to be “>Just Friends” with somebody, but this duo has put those feelings into words. This song discusses wanting to move from the friend zone into a serious relationship with a person of interest. Additionally, the lyrics talk about all the fond memories they’ve shared with that person. Verses like “I picked you up, this thing burning, and you hit that. We parked the car, music up, put the seats back” are a reminder of how good they are together. This song also allows the audience to fill the blanks in with fragments from their own life. That is the mark of a song that resonates with people and has staying power. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it resurface on a couple of popular playlists. So, stream The Paper Outlet’s “>Just Friends” today to reminisce about your own loves.

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