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I effortlessly played this song eleven times in a row.

If you aren’t hip to Chicago’s 40WitDat30, get hip immediately! These past couple of years, he has released a bunch of bangers that are full of dynamic rap styles and lyrical content that stays true to his trill ways. 40WitDat30’s latest single, “200,” is one that showcases his talent as not just an artist but also as a truthteller.

“200” is f**king flames! First and foremost, I love the booming, uptempo beat that powers the song (You can tell that s**t whoops on club speakers). Secondly, I like how 40WitDat30 plows through the song relying on a feverish flow, only slowing down when he wants to emphasize major statements. Lastly, I f**k with the lyrics in the song. I enjoy how 40WitDat30 unapologetically lets us know how easy it is for him to pull chicks, how his haters don’t phase him, and how he can turn a basic unemployment check into gold. All in all, “200” is definitely worth 100x more.

I wonder what 40WitDat30 can turn a COVID relief check into.

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