Hot Shit

Cardi B (Ft. Lil Durk & Kanye West)

“Hot Shit” falls directly in line with Cardi’s other hits.

Doesn’t it feel like Cardi B spared her competition for three years? Like, she literally gave her peers a chance to catch up to her while she took an extended vacation. Unfortunately for Cardi’s opps, she has returned to the music scene full force with the release of “Hot Shit,” a song that will probably go toe to toe with “Save My Soul” for the song of the summer.


“Hot Shit” is definitely stays true to Cardi B’s signature ‘punches to the gut’ type sound. Over a Tay Keith beat that I lowkey think is the biggest star of the show, Cardi B, Lil Durk, and Ye go back and forth on some slam dunk on my opps/I overcame serious hate on my way to the top s**t. The aggression that each rapper spits with is what really caught my attention. What also caught my attention is how much the song makes me want to play hop scotch.

Yep, this is a hit.

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