City Girls & Usher Join Forces For “Good Love”

City Girls > Body By Jake.

Good Love

City Girls (Ft. Usher)

City Girls > Body By Jake.

My guess is that hip-hop will not sound like hip-hop in ten years. These days, there are so many mash-ups between the genre and other genres. With that being said, today, City Girls decided to release “Good Love,” a track that blends hip-hop vibes with aerobic vibes.


I mean zero disrespect by this, but this song sounds like some formulaic s**t (I actually love formulaic music). For starters, the song is powered by this uptempo beat that will either make you want to throw back shots or lift some dumbells. Over the beat, Usher blesses us with an extremely generic but catchy hook, while City Girls bless us with rap verses that are on some ratchet/I’m bout to act up on my vacation s**t. I think the song is a really good first single for an album.

Usher will sing for sandwiches now.

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