ÒLAH BLISS - Death Wish (Hate Me)

Death Wish (Hate Me)

Òlah Bliss

An alternative pop song that discusses the death of living.

Born in Poland, Òlah Bliss moved to England as a teenage girl, already pursuing her dream to become a musician. She was heavily influenced by Bjork, which explains why her musical style resides in alternative pop. After a hiatus, Bliss has returned to music, and she shared on Instagram that she’s happy to be releasing songs again. “I was having a really difficult time last year; more downs than ups. This industry is f-ing brutal,” she said. Her debut EP, 13:20, was released in 2015 but is no longer available. However, all her singles from 2018 are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Òlah Bliss’s newest hit is a collaboration piece titled “Death Wish (Hate Me).” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Death Wish (Hate Me)” was co-written with songwriter-DJ Tommy Jules and it was produced by Cameron Bloomfield. This is a pop song that is heavily influenced by electronic beats, but it also holds a dark terror vibe. The music video starts off with the message that “death is inevitable, but what’s worse is living like we’re already dead inside.” Death is a topic that scares most people, of course, but what scares them more is living without loving life. Bliss clearly shows she’s not afraid to go deep in her songs, but it runs deeper than that. The video, along with the lyrics, shows what happens when someone believes that nothing is enough anymore. How do people handle that? They fall into chaos, which Bliss is actively trying to avoid by waking people up. So, stream Òlah Bliss’s “Death Wish (Hate Me)” to avoid the death of a good life.

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