Matt Nye Started "Blowing In The Wind"

Blowing In The Wind

Matt Nye and Mark Vasquez

An alternative rap song that goes in a bunch of directions.

Matt Nye has a strict moral code regarding music. His main goal is to bring emotional authenticity and vulnerability to his work. As a result, he is fiercely against signing with a label. Matt’s collaborator on this piece, Mark Vasquez, is similar. Vasquez refuses to limit himself to one genre, and he instead prefers to take elements from different ones. Matt Nye’s collaboration with Vasquez is the pop/alt-rap single, “Blowing In The Wind.”

This song takes a fresh approach to finding peace with being alone. The lyrics reflect this, claiming, “she said I don’t ever ever ever ever want to see you again. I said cool b*tch, imma be blowing in the wind.” That might very well be the only thing you need to know about the song. On the other hand, it was refreshing to hear the rare perspective of a person who is at least putting up a front that they are okay. Of course, this is despite them being left behind. Shortly after the opening line, Mark drops a few bars. It comes out of nowhere but somehow fits with the quirky style. This song embodies what I want from music these days. So, stream Matt Nye’s “Blowing In The Wind” for a safe but revealing surprise to music.

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