A mind-bending fusion track with chilling elements.

American musical creative, Coldii, is also known as Cole Denham. Coldii is an Arizona native who enjoys crafting songs and videos that are innovative (They are truly unlike anything else you’ve ever heard). Some of the artist’s previous work includes songs like “Rituals” and “Visual Effects,” both of which are crazy enough to fit into any psychedelic subgenre.  Coldii’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His dual-single, BLDN BRDGES: Visual Nightmare, features the track “Nightmares,” one of his most recent singles.

Warped mind-bending beats don’t begin to cover what this crazy track is. “Nightmares” is snappy and hypnotic enough to mess with anyone’s head. Lyrics like “I’ve got so many nightmares/In my head, there’s always something out to get me making me scared” and “Wake up, wake up, please/Stay up till the morning makes the pain go away” provide these chilling tones. In this song, the artist explores his darker emotions with a creepy backdrop. This twisted sense has distorted sounds and haunting deliveries to make it stand out. It sounds like it could fit in with movies such as “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Coldii’s new track is a memorable trip worth taking. So, stream “Nightmares” to learn how to avoid nightmares of your own.