D.A. and Damon Flores Swear "On My Soul"


On My Soul

A hip-hop song that will give you a blast to the past.

D.A. is a hip-hop artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota who is heavily influenced by hip-hop artists from the 80s and 90s. These artists include Nas, Rakim, and Dr. Dre. D.A. was previously a member of the successful hip-hop group Something Organic. However, when he took a short break from the music business, he found a brand new love for the art. D.A. now works with a small team as an independent artist. His music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. D.A.’s newest hit is the hip-hop piece, “On My Soul” featuring Damon Flores.

“On my Soul” clearly displays the influences that D.A. loves to embody. However, despite it’s pop base, it is incredibly unlike some of the more beat-focused hip-hop that is popular today. There is an emphasis on the lyrics in “On My Soul.” D.A. put a lot of thought into his bars, allowing Flores to sing the chorus and make it a collaboration effort. Together, the two have created something that flows naturally and showcases their individual skills. Between the two, there is no lost message in their work.

Stream D.A.’s “On My Soul” below.