Paris to Tokyo

Fivio Foreign (Ft. The Kid LAROI)

The Kid LAROI is back to making hip-hop music, y’all!

Have you ever been asked how many stamps you have on your passport? I was asked that one day and felt insulted because I only had like three. Anywho, “Paris To Tokyo” with Fivio Foreign and The Kid LAROI is a track about spoiling and going on trips with women that you actually f**k with.


Surprise, surprise, this is a drill song! However, it’s one of those Hello Kitty-ass drill songs. As expected, Fivio sounds like a natural on it. What does surprise me is that The Kid LAROI absolutely shines on the hook (It surprises me because he is not a drill artist). All in all, I really f**k with this joint a lot.

In the video to this song, The Kid LAROI looks like a kid that Fivio has to mentor because he violated his probation.

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