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Kidnap Asks "WYD"



A pop song about the realities of life.

Mathew Rupert Lancaster, known professionally as Kidnap and formerly as Kidnap Kid, is a DJ and EDM producer from England. In 2012, he was awarded US iTunes “best electronic song of 2012′” for his hit, “Vehl.” He has a record label, Birds That Fly, which has been releasing music since 2016. Kidnap’s record “ABA” with Lane 8 was also nominated for record of the year at the 2017 Electronic Music Awards. Kidnap has a large fan base and has more than proven his talent within the EDM world. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Kidnap’s latest hit is the pop track, “WYD.”

“WYD” has the energy of a road trip hit and the beat of something more low-key. It’s a nice balance between a solemn song and an upbeat one. The juxtaposition of the lyrics represents the monotonous nature of life. Similarly, the beat works nicely with the lyrics to make it a pop-filled vibe. Throughout the song, Kidnap repeats the lines, “hey, wyd? I said nothing new. I’m just sticking to the script, getting comfortable.” He prefers honest, accurate words that we can all relate to; no one likes diverting from the script. I feel like this song represents a large part of surface-level conversations among younger generations. So, stream Kidnap’s “WYD” to learn how to talk a little differently to those who matter to you.

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