Kill You Slowly

Nick Kandler

A bittersweet pop tune with darkness behind it.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Nick Kandler, is an emerging artist and producer with the goal of bringing his euphoric tunes to life. His previous releases are the hit tracks, “Stay” and “Closure.” Nick’s full discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. He has plans to release more work in 2022. He started this path off with the pop single, “Kill You Slowly.”

It’s infectious instrumentals mixed with bittersweet romance, so how do you not love it? “Kill You Slowly” draws you in with a carefully crafted soundscape and leaves you hanging onto every word. Lyrics like, “You said don’t lie to you/ I’m a one-way road and how little do you know, and I/ I wish I could’ve been good to you” and “Paint you a picture of me/ So I don’t leave you lonely” intimately explore the artist’s regrets. At the same time, this song has a darker undertone about literally being too toxic for someone else to live with. Deep-hitting lyrics like these are hard to craft and harder to come across. Still, this is the perfect sad pop summer track to soothe a broken heart. So, stream Nick Kandler’s “Kill You Slowly” to learn how to keep others alive around your love.

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