Joey Aich Loves Spewing "HEAVY" With OG Vern


Joey Aich

A hip-hop song with balanced elements and uplifting messages.

Joey Aich is a rapper based in Columbus, Ohio. He first broke into the hip-hop scene in 2017 with his debut song, “Rope Break.” The song gained the attention of artists DJ Booth and Earmilk, amongst other popular names. Similarly, Aich’s debut album, “If Money Grew On Trees,” garnered him more attention; this includes that of fellow Columbus artists and festivals like Breakaway Music. A few years later, Aich became a part of the group Carried By 6 with other prominent hip-hop artists based in Columbus. Clearly, he has the skill to manage many sides of the industry. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. However, despite his group association, Joey Aich released “HEAVY” earlier this year as a solo artist. The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Heavy” features OG Vern and highlights Aich’s lyrical abilities. In other words, this is a track where the beat serves the lyrics by pushing them to the forefront. Of course, this means more emphasis falls on the verses, but Aich has no problem with this. His chorus is catchy, and his verses are well-planned. Lyrics like “heavy is the head, holds the crown as I walk through. Fly as the sky; Imma shine like the stars do” prove this point. Even reading them might allow listeners to feel their impact. Additionally, when OG Vern pops up, his cadence had a nice bounce to complement Aich’s. They have different flows, but they balance well to make “HEAVY” more of a fusion piece. So, stream Joey Aich’s “HEAVY” today to get that mix in your head and learn the power of opposites.

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