Dear YoungBoy


NBA YoungBoy has some real ones rooting for him.

I absolutely love it when folks from older generations make it a mission to teach folks from younger generations how to move. Last night, C-Murder, one of New Orleans’ biggest veterans, decided to drop “Dear YoungBoy,” a song in which he kicks knowledge to NBA YoungBoy.


No, this song is not great (It sounds a little on the sloppy side); however, it’s C-Murder’s lyrics that will catch your attention. In his verses on the song, he raps about his trials and tribulations and how he doesn’t want NBA to go down the same dreadful path that he went down. Personally, I love s**t like this because it tells me that the hip-hop community is more connected than people think it is.

Damn, C-Murder has been in jail for like 30 years.

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