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In The UK

NLE Choppa

I don’t mean a glizzy when I say that this is a banger (Get it?).

Lowkey, NLE Choppa has had a really good 2022. Not only has his celebrity grown, but his latest project, Me Vs. Me, is one of the most streamed albums of the year. Now that Choppa is winning in the US, he has decided to take his talents overseas with the release of “In The UK.”


Other than the accents, what’s the difference between UK and New York drill (Legit question)? I asked that because apparently NLE is rapping over a drill beat in “In The UK.” Whatever the case may be, he kills s**t. He hits us with lyrics that showcase both his heartbreak and gangsta ways, in addition to unflappable flows. I think this track showcases Choppa’s versatlity.

Listen to “In The UK” below.

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