What You Want

Major D Star

This song needs to be on replay all summer long.

Motown, Detroit’s very own, Major D Star, has been a machine when it comes to releasing music these past couple of years. Since 2019, he has dropped a bunch of dope singles and both an original and deluxe version of a whopping 26-track project called Major Payne. In other words, if you are a fan of his, you’ve been fed rather nicely. D Star decided to get his 2022 on and poppin with a hot new single called “What You Want.”

“What You Want” is powered by this Elle Mai-Esque instrumental that has pleasant R&B roots but still enough oomph to turn a pool party up a couple of notches. Over the instrumental, Major D Star shines bright by hitting us with a slick rap delivery that accentuates his cool, calm, and collected demeanor. He also hits us with hypnotizing rap flows that’ll put any woman that he wants under his spell, and a catchy hook that will get stuck in your head after just one listen. As for lyrically, in his verses, D Star raps about his major accomplishments and how they’ve helped turn him into a highly sought-after individual who deserves a high-quality partner by his side. Lyrics like “I get blessings every day, I can see when it’s coming/when dem blessings on the way, I can see when dey coming” and “The b*tches you see me wit, dey on yo wishlist/I need one dat ain’t gone change on me, dats real shit” bluntly highlight his reasonable standards when it comes to finding a girl he wants to kick it with. Hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the best for yourself, right?

In the music video to this song, D Star shows us what good chemistry in a relationship should look like. After getting himself out of a sticky situation, you get a chance to see how rosy things are with him and his main chick. Together, they sip on some drinks, cruise the city in an exquisite whip, and merely enjoy each other’s company at their home. The laidback nature of the video further illustrates the importance of finding someone that you truly feel comfortable and free around. Kudos to No30 (The producer) and Cinematic B (The videographer) for helping put the comfy music video together.

Stay tuned for the official release of “What You Want!” In the meantime, check out the rest of Major D Star’s discography here.


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