Schama Noel Gives “Churchill Downs & Stick Remix”

A hip-hop remix that’s refreshing and interesting.

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Schama Noel Creates "Churchill Downs and Sticks Remix"

Churchill Downs & Stick Remix

Schama Noel

A hip-hop remix that’s refreshing and interesting.

Schama Noel is an artist born in Port Au Prince, Haiti. He was raised by two conservative Christian parents who did not entertain his dreams of becoming a rapper. However, despite their disapproval, Noel continued to work on music secretly. As a teenager, he was heavily interested in poetry, which helped him discover his lyrical abilities. In 2017, he was invited to perform in Dubai, and his parents’ attitudes started to change. He would have succeeded with or without their approval, but their blessing was the little boost he needed. Noel’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. He’s also started dabbling in remixes. Schama Noel recently remixed a mashup of “Churchill Downs” by Jack Harlow and “Stick” by Dreamville. The live performance is available on YouTube.

Let me be the first to say that I’m glad Schama Noel didn’t listen to his parent’s wishes. Who else would have been genius enough to make this remix? The lyrics are logical in progression, heartfelt in the word choice, and always present an underlying meaning. Noel’s work with poetry in his earlier life has made the progression to music a breeze and a pleasant experience. Really, though, there is no better way to hear his remix than to watch the video with it. His energy jumps at you through the screen and his work is admirable, even to listeners who love his traditional pieces. He seems like a ball of energy, pure and obviously dedicated to his craft. Clearly, he has much more to offer this world with his tracks. So, stream Schama Noel’s “Churchill Downs and Stick Remix” to find the sweet spot in music.

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