Yeloboi Tommy Found The Way Up In "Prada Me"

Prada Me

Yeloboi Tommy

A hip-hop song about what it really means to start from the bottom.

Yeloboi Tommy is a native Hong Kong rapper based in Sydney, Australia. His goal is to lead a wave of hip-hop artists who are not afraid to be vulnerable. Tommy’s songs are raw and unapologetic. They often tell the story of a man caught between two worlds. Tommy’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest release is the classic hip-hop style song, “Prada Me.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Prada Me” reflects on Tommy’s journey from where he began to where he is right now, and it is an adventure. He raps about people not taking him seriously, fake friends, and dedicating himself to his family. There’s always a level of drama in his life that has led him to become a better person, and that’s the lesson he’s attempting to share. Despite the song’s upbeat nature, when you really listen to the lyrics, you can hear the pain and determination it took for Tommy to supersede all of his trials and tribulations. It’s exciting to hear up-and-coming talent with this much depth; this level of experience is often related to older rappers. In addition to a great song, Yeloboi Tommy made a video of equal caliber with promising visuals. Tommy is already accomplishing his goal of becoming one of Australia’s prominent rappers. So, stream Yeloboi Tommy’s “Prada Me” to learn how to work up to Prada for yourself.

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