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Maxo Kream & Anderson .Paak

I wonder how Maxo Kream and Anderson .Paak know each other…

Maxo Kream is one of the hardest rappers out. I’m not saying that just because he’s Nigerian and has tattoos all over his body; I’m saying that because his music literally sounds hard as s**t. As for Anderson .Paak, he is one of the most versatile musicians out. In “THE VISION,” I love how the two artists clash with one another.


Do you know what I find funny about “THE VISION?” In the song, Anderson .Paak definitely makes it a mission to prove that he is a rapper’s rapper, while Maxo sounds like a dude that doesn’t give a f**k (He plows through the song sounding like he made his own nuts). Very interesting combo.

Give “THE VISION” a shot below.

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