Wiz Khalifa Takes Us On A Trip Down “Memory Lane”

The official rollout for Wiz Khalifa’s new album starts now.

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Memory Lane

Wiz Khalifa

So far, this is the best single release from Wiz Khalifa’s forthcoming album.

In about a week, Wiz Khalifa will release a brand new album called Multiverse. For some reason, I feel like this will end up being one of his best projects in years. To get us hyped up for it, Wiz decided to release “Memory Lane.”


I really like this track! It features this Blxst-like hook that I think is outstanding, a breezy Hitmaka beat, and lyrical content that humanizes Wiz just a little (In the song, he talks about ignoring the bad times and embracing the good times in a relationship). All in all, this is a summertime jam that is very easy on the ears.

GIve “Memory Lane” a shot below.

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