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A Swedish pop tune that reflects on heartbreak.

Sweden-based musical creative, VASSÖR, is also known as James Vasseur. Vasseur previously worked as an actor and appeared in the 2017 film Kall. Since then, he has switched his focus to music, and in 2021, he debuted with the pop single “Bokstavsbarn.” As he moves forward on his musical journey, Vasseur continues to perfect his skillset and unapologetically remain his most authentic self. Some of his prior releases include singles like “Förlåt” and “Hate på mig”; there is also his EP Ordspråk, which came out earlier this year. These, and the rest of his music, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. VASSÖR’s latest drop is the pop single, “Emotional.”

This Swedish pop hit will literally make you “Emotional” as you listen in. It may sound bright, but those infectious beats accompany a sad tale of heartbreak. Lyrics like “It’s not about the pain that you caused me, It’s a lack of closure that you owe me” and “Just pack your bags and go, Cause I don’t wanna see ya” are extremely unapologetic. They voice the thoughts and feelings that come with being betrayed by the one you love. The music may remain upbeat, but the message is full of feeling. Still, despite its angst-ridden contemplation, there’s an uplifting sense to “Emotional” that fits right in. If you’ve ever been hurt by someone you thought was your forever love, you’ll certainly relate. So, stream VASSÖR’s “Emotional” to learn how emotional we sometimes need to be.

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