Wordburglar Keeps Making “Woolco Tapes”

An alternative R&B song with a sense of humor.

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Wordburglar Has Made "Woolco Tapes"

Woolco Tapes


An alternative R&B song with a sense of humor.

Wordburglar is an indie rapper from Canada. His raps are full of entertaining and thoughtful wordplay that is sure to please even the pickiest hip-hop heads (Especially those who like their rap with a side of laughter). Surprisingly, Wordburglar is not new to music; he has been touring for over a decade. He previously won CBC Radio’s best lyrics and had five number-one albums on the National Earshot Charts. Wordburglar creates innovative, positive, and cleverly nerdy raps for people across the world to enjoy, including four within the last month alone. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Wordburglar’s newest hit is the R&B single, “Woolco Tapes.”

“Woolco Tapes” is a traditional hip-hop song with some R&B and pop twists. Throughout the hit, Wordburglar raps about his introduction to hip-hop music. He describes recording songs onto a cassette tape aptly called Woolco Tapes, hence the name. The chorus is catchy, encouraging us to “press play y’all, press pause y’all. Press stop, then rewind.” Clearly, this was how Wordburglar started remixing, but it might confuse us to do the same. After listening to it twice, the chorus and I were one (I couldn’t get it out of my head). Overall, “Woolco Tapes” is addicting, fun, and lighthearted. So, stream Wordburglar’s “Woolco Tapes” to figure out how he started.

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