Turn On The Lights again…


Out of all of the Future songs they could’ve remade, they chose “Turn On The Lights” (Interesting)…

I remember when Future didn’t have a toxic label attached to his name. Nowadays, I wouldn’t even want him around my female plant. For those of you that miss the old Future, “Turn On The Lights” is a track that should strike a chord with you. Today, a techno version of “Turn On The Lights’ hit streaming services.


The energy attached to this song is f**king impeccable. You get Future’s classic “Turn On The Lights” hook combined with a house beat that would make you want to turn on some lights to find the cocaine that you may have dropped while shaking your ass off on the dance floor. Man, I’m sweating (No, I didn’t pop a molly).

Did you know that Future passed Drake when it comes to most platinum albums?