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Mindflip freaks the heck out of the funky beat that he is handed in “Exquisite.”

The summer isn’t over until it’s over! What that means is I’m going to be in the mood for summery music until the first leaf drops. With that being said, recently, Mindflip, someone who certainly makes his fair share of hard-ass hip-hop tracks, decided to drop “Exquisite,” a song in which he f**ks with a groovy beat.

“Exquisite” features a beat that I could see Dua Lipa doing damage over. No need to worry, Mindflip absolutely shines over the beat. Not only does he hit us with highly infectious melodies, but he also finds pockets to strike us with hard-hitting raps. As for lyrically, he does a good job of reminding us what it feels like to be around someone who oozes the exact vibes you do. All in all, “Exquisite” is a high-energy track that deserves several spins.

Give “Exquisite” a shot below.

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