NBA YoungBoy finally releases “The Last Slimeto.”




5. F**k Da Industry

It’s crazy how much NBA YoungBoy doesn’t give a f**k.

75% of the reason that I like this song is because of the beat. Those f**king piano notes in it just make me want to do some wicked s**t like rip the tag off a pillow (Which is illegal, b*tches). The other 25% of the reason that I like this song has to do with the na na na na boo boo type rapping NBA does in it. Personally, I enjoy it when rappers act petty towards their opps.



4. Wagwan

“Wagwan” might be the most commercial track on this album.

“Wagwan” is a very restless track. Throughout it, NBA YoungBoy switches melodies, flows, and energy levels quite a bit. It’s almost like the song has a gentle base but wants to bloom into some gritty s**t really bad. Overall, this song is really easy on the ears (That’s something I’ve never said about an NBA YoungBoy song).


3. Home Ain’t Home

Nobody makes better struggle music than NBA YoungBoy and Rod Wave.

I swear, I almost shed a few ghetto tears while I was listening to “Home Ain’t Home.” I f**k with the passion, the pain, the honesty, and the vulnerability that both NBA YoungBoy and Rod Wave display in the song. I also think the song boasts the best hook on the album. All in all, “Home Ain’t Home” is food for the soul.



2. My Go To

NBA YoungBoy must’ve taken his rabies medicine before making “My Go To.”

“My Go To” is a duet between NBA YoungBoy and Kehlani (Yes, you read that right). In the song, the two artists sing to each other like lovebirds. While I think that they both put up fantastic performances, I absolutely love how NBA lets go of the handlebars and sings freely and passionately about having the ultimate trust in his woman. Don’t sleep on Kehlani’s contributions, though: They are smooth and certainly solidify the song’s lovely nature.

Are NBA YoungBoy and Kehlani the new Rihanna and Drake?



1. Lost Soul Survivor

NBA YoungBoy’s performance on “Lost Soul Survivor” is amazing.

I was blown away by what NBA YoungBoy was able to do on this song. I love how his aggressive raps are delivered in a way that sounds dynamic but also tamed and steady. I also like how he finds little pockets in the song to hit us with some soulful vocals. While there is nothing special about his lyrics, I appreciate that they are violent in an anti-hero way as opposed to a demented way.


1. I Know (3/5)

2. Hold Your Own (3.5/5)

3. Umm Hmm (3.5/5)

4. Top Sound (4/5)

5. My Time (3.5/5)

6. Free Dem 5’s (3/5)

7. My Go To (4.5/5)

8. Lost Soul Survivor (5/5)

9. F**k Da Industry (4/5)

10. Kamikaze (2.5/5)

11. Swerving (3/5)

12. Stay The Same (3/5)

13. Home Ain’t Home (4/5)

14. 7 Days (2.5/5)

15. Digital (3/5)

16. Vette Motors (4/5)

17. Slow Down (3/5)

18. Don’t Rate Me (3.5/5)

19. Proof (3.5/5)

20. 4KT Baby (3/5)

21. The North Bleeding (3/5)

22. Loner Life (3.5/5)

23. Acclaimed Emotions (3/5)

24. Wagwan (4/5)

25. Ghost (3/5)

26. Nightfall (3/5)

27. Holy (3.5/5)

28. I Got The Bag (4/5)

29. Mr. Grim Reaper (3.5/5)

30. I Hate YoungBoy (3/5)




I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You may not like NBA YoungBoy’s music, but you have to respect his work ethic. Every year, he blesses his fans with hundreds of releases. Though this album has a whopping thirty tracks (And no interludes), I do expect NBA to release more music later on this year. With that being said, I probably would’ve liked it if this album only had like 15 tracks.

About three projects ago, I told myself that I would no longer praise NBA YoungBoy’s murderous music. Not because I am a fringe Christian, but because I think he is pretty special when he decides to show off his vulnerable side. Based on my rule, I have to cancel out about 15 of the tracks on this album. In the songs that I like, such as “My Go To,” “Home Ain’t Home,” and “Lost Soul Survivor,” I feel like YoungBoy connects with listeners in ways that are effective, touching, and appealing. In those songs, I also feel like he shows that he can channel his tenacious and emotional energy productively. S**t, when NBA is able to channel his energy, I truly feel like I can say YB better. All in all, The Last Slimeto has excellent features, decent production, too many bloodthirsty lyrics (And not enough gentle lyrics), good melodies, solid flows, and inconsistent audio quality.

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  1. NBA YoungBoy Best rapper alive no kap. Some of the best bars and lyrically talented y’all needs to listen to his words.#YBB keep your foot on them rappers neck. They don’t put out work like you do in ya music 🎶.#GOAT.

  2. Don’t hate on his music 😂 bro we don’t listen to radio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#if YB ain’t on it the radio me and my potnas Bluetooth all the time on YouTube. Or apple 🎵. All day long .Thelastslimeto#1Albulm of Year.#4KT.#YBB

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