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Yoshi Flower Pays Tribute With “Good News”

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Good News

Yoshi Flower

A heartfelt cover song that honors a late rapper.

Detroit, Michigan native, Yoshi Flower, is also known as Joshua Flower. Flower is a singer, songwriter, and producer currently signed to Interscope Records. In addition to making music, he has also been open about his struggles with addiction. Additionally, he has mentioned his triumphs in overcoming a potentially dark fate with them. Flower’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. His latest drop, Ode, is a five-track EP collection that pays tribute to deceased artists. His track, “Good News,” pays homage to Mac Miller. Regarding the rapper’s passing, Yoshi Flower said, “I remember the day I found out. I was making music with friends. We were devastated. In that moment, the myth of the “Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle” died, in my eyes.”

Even affected by another’s death, Flower still manages to make us cry to his work. He brings his own acoustic sound to “Good News” while still staying true to the original song. The whole point was not to overpower the original while making it original. Lyrics like “Why can’t it just be easy? Why does everybody need me to stay?” and “Well, so tired of being so tired. Why I gotta build something beautiful just to go set it on fire?” remain faithful. They also exude plenty of passion with a heartfelt recognition of talent and appreciation. Flower’s cover carries a somber sense that highlights the obvious pain and relatable struggles he feels for the late rapper’s passing.

Stream Yoshi Flower’s “Good News” below.

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