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Jared Matthew Thinks About “You and Me”

You and Me

Jared Matthew

A hip-hop track with emotional vibes.

Wilmington, NC-based musical creative, Jared Matthew, is an American artist who’s back from retirement to prove his talents to the world again. His first studio album was released on August 20th of last year. More recently, Matthew dropped the hip-hop album Late Nights, which, according to the artist, has been a long time coming. On Instagram, he stated that this important project tells “My struggles over the last 3 years, my moments of confusion and clarity, my heartbreaks, my triumphs, my friends, my music, and everything in-between.” Jared’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. His song “You and Me” is one of Late Night’s ten tracks.

This is a low-key dance beat set over classic rap lyrics. However, “You and Me” still manages to be romantic enough to get us going. It’s all about meeting your other half or soul mate at some point in the future. Lyrics like “I haven’t met you yet, but all my life I think about you. Only can imagine what I would feel when I’m around you” and “I’m not asking you to save me, but you probably think I am. I know when that’s the case that you’ll reach out and grab my hand” intimately explore the possibilities of the artist’s potential soulmate. The best way to think of this song is like a love letter to your future beau. Matthew’s new tune will grab your attention as the artist emotionally reflects on who you could be.

Stream Jared Matthew’s “You and Me” below.

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