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42 Dugg Talks Big S**t In “IDGAF”

IMG via Spotify


42 Dugg

Free Dugg.

42 Dugg is currently locked up. That hasn’t stopped him from releasing brand new music, though. Today, the CMG rapper decided to drop “IDGAF,” a mean-ass banger in which he talks big s**t like he just finished eating a breakfast burrito.


Quick question: Did 42 Dugg diss Tory Lanez at the beginning of this song? I would’ve sworn I heard him say that he was on Tory’s ass. Anywho, “IDGAF” is one of those sly bangers with a mean-ass beat and lots of braggadocios lyrics. 42 definitely sounds like he is 8 feet tall on this joint.

42 Dugg gotta stay out of trouble.

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