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u don’t know my name

Kid Travis

“u don’t know my name” is an open love letter. 

Kid Travis is a jack of all trades, a master of all genres, and maybe even the final boss. He first appeared in 2013 making indie pop covers to well-known hip-hop tracks. Travis eventually transferred that creative flair to his own music. With almost 10 years in the game, he has the experience to back up the talent.

“u don’t know my name” is a song I like to imagine being played over a 90-minute rom-com. A pop track with groove and rhythm at its core, you can’t help but at least tap your foot along to its beat. As for lyrically, Kid Travis blesses us with catchy and charming lyrics that anyone would want to serenade their crush with. He’s trying not to get ahead of himself, but I say go for it and maybe even write a part 2 for this track.

Don’t we all wish someone would write us a love song? At the same time, it’d be a little creepy considering we don’t even know their name. Anywho, give “u don’t know my name” a listen, and maybe this will be a song to add to your romantic playlists.

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