Do Better


A juicy pop song with alternative elements.

Luni is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Miami, Florida who gives an alternative vibe to the genre. In 2020, Luni dropped his debut single, “Lessons,” and then a year later, he released “Kinda Crazy” and “You Got It.” While his earlier hits revolve around alternative music, his later pieces incorporate pop, R&B, and many other elements. Therefore, he’s begun diving into other types of music to widen his audiences. All of his music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud. In 2022, Luni dropped his debut joint project with Chris Jauregui titled ON THE RUN. From there, he dropped his latest single, “Do Better.”

In “Do Better,” Luni wants his ex to leave him alone; she treated him badly during their relationship. He dives into their toxic history of her cheating, lying, and manipulating. However, like every sad love story, they get back together in the end. This song explores the cycle of a toxic relationship and the pain of leaving the good memories you once had behind. Luni’s pain is clear as he sings with such raspiness and hurt about losing someone he once loved. While he cuts her off after their back and forth, we know he can’t stay away. Despite the message, this song has an upbeat, acoustic vibe that blurs hip hop and the layers of laid-back guitar. As far as summer hits go, this one fits right in. So, stream Luni’s “Do Better” to learn from his example.