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DEVADO Says Be Genuine in “The Honest Song (A Little More)”

The Honest Song (A Little More)


A feel-good pop gem that will lift your spirit.

Munich-based musical creative, Debby van Dooren (aka DEVADO), is an R&B-pop singer and songwriter who’s eager to share her attention-grabbing tunes with the world. As a “DIY artist,” the German-American writes, records, and produces all of her own work. DEVADO takes influences from producers such as Timbaland, Pharrell, and Jon Bellion. In her music, the artist experiments with creating new sounds using only her vocals and body percussion instead of traditional instrumentals or samples. DEVADO’s latest drop is the pop single “The Honest Song (A Little More)” and its accompanying official video.

With a wonderfully uplifting backdrop of sounds created using DEVADO’s unique method, “The Honest Song (A Little More)” provides a dance-ready soundscape to complement its feel-good reflection. Lyrics like “Don’t know you, u don’t know me. What’s inside you, I can’t see. You look beautiful to me” and “Down with facades. Down with who we’re not. Down with pretending” encourages us to be more truthful with one another. With its vibrant pop sense and inspirational message, DEVADO’s latest work definitely feels like the perfect vibe to brighten your day. Additionally, if you’re interested in hearing the deeper story behind the song’s inspiration, you can check out the “Songstory” included in the single.

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