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DJ Drama & Young Jeezy Reunite For “I Ain’t Hold Ya”

IMG via Tidal

I Ain’t Hold Ya

DJ Drama & Young Jeezy

In the early 2000s, DJ Drama and Young Jeezy were an unstoppable tandem.

Are you old enough to remember Jeezy and DJ Drama’s Trap or Die mixtapes? If you are, you heard mixtapes at their highest level. While we may never get back to those times, “I Ain’t Hold Ya,” a collaborative track that features both Drama and Jeezy, will give you pleasant flashbacks.

In “I Ain’t Hold Ya,” Jeezy speaks on his growth, his money, and all of the lessons he learned from both his businesses and the streets. While I f**king hate the beat that powers the song (Baxter the Fly on the beat), you have to appreciate Jeezy’s aggressive and relentless deliveries. You also have to appreciate Drama’s yelling (I swear, that s**t makes songs these days).

Give “I Ain’t Hold Ya” by DJ Drama and Young Jeezy a shot below.

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