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Lil Baby Drops “Detox” Before Dr. Dre

IMG via YouTube


Lil Baby

Lil Baby teased this track the other day.

Can I be honest with you? OK, here I go: The only release by Lil Baby that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the last year is “In A Minute.” Everything else that he has released has been pretty average. I still really like Lil Baby as a person. This morning, the Atlanta rapper decided to drop “Detox,” yet another song that just doesn’t move the needle for me.

Can we be honest with each other? OK, let’s do it: This song didn’t hit. Not only does it sound like some s**t that we’ve heard before, but Baby also sounds unenthusiastic, way too mumbly, and borderline incoherent. The song also sounds like it was filmed underwater. I don’t know, man. I don’t know…

Maybe I’m wrong (I doubt it). Judge the song for yourself below.

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