More Fun

Hanna Ögonsten

An Indie-pop song with synth beats.

Swedish-born artist, Hanna Ögonsten, is a skilled producer and songwriter. Her music-making only began this year, but she has already proved her abilities. Hanna’s style is synth with some pop and alternative vibes, making her a master of many genres. Recently, she released her debut EP titled Bby Boo, Ögonsten & You. On it is Hanna Ögonsten’s “More Fun” hit.

A lovely synth beat with overlapping vocals helps to provide a trance-like quality to this song. “More Fun” is one of those pieces that can easily take you out of existential dread and into a blithe and blissful mood. The lyrics are filled with themes of encouragement and optimism. “Don’t be scared you’re missing out” and “You stopped believing but I’m still dreaming” are just a few of them. I truly don’t experience any FOMO when listening to the song; instead, I look forward to the fun I’ll be experiencing in the future. I especially enjoy the song’s outro and its fading out, a stylistic choice that’s actually been lost in recent mainstream music. As the song fades out, the lyrics and Hanna’s voice still linger in your head. It’s a lasting and memorable effect. So, stream Hanna Ögonsten’s “More Fun” to learn what fun awaits in your future.

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