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Kvng4way Swags His Way To The Finish Line Of “No Controlling”

No Controlling


Kvng4way blacks out in this song (I mean that in a good way).

If I were to guess, Kvng4way’s come-up story is similar to Lil Baby’s. Both rappers give off underdog/trill-ass vibes. Both artists also sounded like pros from the moment they picked up a mic. Kvng4way has three official songs on his Spotify account; one of them is the hard-hitting “No Controlling.”

In “No Controlling,” Kvng4way lets us know that he is unf**kwittable and ready for smoke at all times. What I love about the song is that it boasts a trap beat that knocks hard as hell and rap flows that are pretty steady. On the real, this track reminds me of the type of trap records that are blowing up today.

Listen to “No Controlling” by Kvng4way below.

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