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EST Gee & Future Reunite For “Shoot It Myself”

Shoot It Myself

EST Gee (Ft. Future)

EST Gee might be the hardest rapper on this planet right now.

The legend of EST Gee continues to grow rapidly. This isn’t only because people are feeling his s**t, it’s also because he’s done a good job of feeding us this year. I feel like every other week for the last month he has released a brand new single to the world. Today, EST decided to return to the music scene with “Shoot It Myself” featuring Future.

“Shoot It Myself” is a sick-ass track. In it, both Future and EST Gee let the world know that they got shooters, that they are shooters, that they are pimps, and that they are obsessed with revenge. A sinister beat and grungy rap deliveries compliment the song’s dark lyrics. On the real, I’m not sure if this song is supposed to even be enjoyable…

On a bright note, I’m sure EST and Future are saving a lot of money by DIYing their shootouts…

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