Nicky Buell

A memorable tune that reflects on superficiality.

Seattle-based music creative, Nicky Buell, is a pop artist that’s wasted no time in establishing himself as a “leading voice in the queer pop scene.” Through his music, Buell’s goal is to make sure the LGBTQ+ community feels recognized. He has collaborated with well-known producers such as Phil Peterson and Matthew Wolk Buell has also worked with fellow Seattle-based popstar, Anna Thompson. His debut EP, Spongy Emerald Prince, reflects on the ups and downs of the artist’s life as an openly gay man. This project received plenty of recognition from major press publications. Nicky’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. His latest drop is the alternative single, “SYNTHETIC.”

“SYNTHETIC” contains an important reflection for many to think on. The message is clear about the artist disliking the body he’s been given. It’s a relatable feeling for anyone who feels like they just aren’t right, and the lyrics reflect this. Words like “If I’m being honest, I hate my whole body; my weird arms and belly, If I could just cut it all off, I would” and “Society tells me my body’s unhealthy” vulnerably reflect on the realities. The unattainable beauty standards portrayed are scorched with unapologetic honesty. However, Buell’s new track reminds us not to let social media’s fake perfection ruin the person we actually are. So, press play on Nicky Buell’s “SYNTHETIC” to remember what’s real and what’s synthetic.