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Valère Géron Says “You Don’t Want My Heart”

You Don’t Want My Heart

Valère Géron

A pop fusion that gives off vintage vibes.

Malmö, Sweden-based musical creative, Valère Géron, is a singer and songwriter originally from Holland. With only one song released so far, Géron has a lot of growing to do to make his work stand out. However, he has a lot of promise. Valère’s pop fusion sound is nostalgic and pulls from earlier rock styles. Between the various elements he uses, he is likely to be a big hit with any fusion style. Recently, Géron released his debut single, “You Don’t Want My Heart.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

“You Don’t Want My Heart” offers us some sweet retro-soul moments. This song is a dismissal of the way someone else feels, but the artist just can’t risk having them around in case it turns toxic. Lyrics like “Everyone can see our love is bad, yet it’s something we don’t mind” and “I can hold you close but it ain’t like you want. Everywhere we go, there’s more to solve” reflects on the relationship’s ups and downs with authenticity. There seems to be no way around it, and there seems to be no chance of recovery. Still, the folk features, in addition to its other various genre elements, make this song happier than its message intends. This freshman release is a captivating pop fusion that will work its way into your heart.

Stream Valère Géron’s “You Don’t Want My Heart” below.

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