Ari Hicks Feels Like You Have "Two Sides"

An edgy pop track with attitude.

For lack of a better word, Ari Hicks is THE artist to watch. Hicks is best described as a dark-pop artist who is always looking to experiment with her sound. Her first ever single, “Nothin’ but a Monster,” was released in 2020, and it gained much critical acclaim. 2022 has ushered in a new era for Hicks with the release of her latest EP, It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 1. This EP, as well as her other releases, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Ari Hicks’s biggest hit off this new project is the pop piece, “Two Sides.” The song also has an official music video.

“Two Sides” has a simple, yet catchy beat. The simplistic beat makes Hick’s mellifluous voice stand out. She has strong vocals that are delightfully sweet with a side of fiesty. She has a clear vendetta with someone that’s been two-faced with her. Lyrics like “Treatin’ my love like a nuisance. You didn’t care and you proved it” and “Then the second I don’t react, you pretend that you want me back” entail all of what she has gone through. It’s relatable, making any listener call back to their experience with someone so toxic. Overall, it’s a song with mesmerizing charm, thanks to Hick’s artistic abilities. So, stream Ari Hicks’s “Two Sides” to forget about that one toxic person in your life.