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Meechie Loc – FYM, Vol. 3 (Album Review)

Meechie Loc is all about that action in “FYM, Vol. 3.”




5. Dash

Meechie Loc absolutely goes off in “Dash.”

“Dash” is a furious track in every single way. In the song, Meechie Loc uses animated and ferocious deliveries to talk about his relationship with plugs, how he’s been getting major bags, and how he does “donuts in the lot.” I think the song’s explosive hook is undeniably good. I also think that the punches Meechie continuously dishes out are tough as nails.



4. Trenchbros

Beware of the Trenchbros…

In “Trenchbros,” Meechie Loc goes toe to toe with trenchboy wan and Wristgame Face on some hardcore street s**t. Even though the song boasts an uptempo Detroit-styled beat, the three rappers do a fantastic job of riding it with flows that are consistent as hell. The song also features a wavy hook that I think is fire.



3. B.O.A.T. (Baddest Of All Time)

Meechie Loc and Bank.o say that their women are on the Mount Rushmore of baddies.

I literally want to hear “B.O.A.T. (Baddest Of All Time)” in a poppin club today. I absolutely love the song’s uptempo/bass boomin trap beat, Bank.o’s infectious/Lil Baby-Esque melodic raps, and Meechie’s wavy-ass verse that has him bragging just as much as stiff-arming. Equipped with a good speaker system, I can see this being a song that gets clubs jumpin.



2. My Zone

“My Zone” is an absolute bop in every way.

“My Zone” is a club banger in every single way. Not only does the song feature an extremely catchy hook, but it also features infectious melodic raps, a hypnotizing club beat, and lyrics that are supposed to pump you up to boss up. I literally think listening to this song with some liquor in your system will make it sound better.



1. Ringin (Remix)

The phone won’t stop ringing, and I can’t stop playing this song.

“Ringin (Remix)” is flawless. Not only do I absolutely love the mean-ass beat that powers the song, but I also f**k with the hella explosive hook, the way both Meechie Loc and trenchboy wan switch between sounding boisterous and laidback, and how trill the two rappers’ lyrical content is overall. “Ringing (Remix)” simply moves the needle when it comes to action-packed rap music.


1. Intro: 30k Feet Up (3.5/5)

2. My Zone (4.5/5)

3. Culprit (3.5/5)

4. Trenchbros (4/5)

5. What I Want (3/5)

6. This Summer (3/5)

7. Dash (4/5)

8. Im a Dawg (Where My Dawgs At?) (3/5)

9. I’m One (3/5)

10. B.O.A.T. (Baddest Of All Time) (4/5)

11. In a Week (4/5)

12. My House (3/5)

13. Why Hate? (3.5/5)

14. 4 Runners (3/5)

15. Never Sleep (3.5/5)

16. Ringin (Remix) (5/5)




Meechie Loc makes the kind of appealing/hardcore street records that people love. In FYM, Vol. 3, he does a good job of feeding us with everything from Detroit-styled records to authentic trap records to certified club records to absolutely menacing records. While you get your fair share of memorable melodies, you also get dynamic flows and lyrical content that always feels genuine. Overall, this is the epitome of the mixtapes I grew up on.

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