Bb Thomaz

An uplifting and inspirational tune that is bold and beautiful.

German-American musical creative, BB Thomaz, is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has plenty of passion for creating. The New York-born artist taught herself how to play piano and guitar, and she has a Master’s in Musicology. Thomaz’s unique style fuses together afrobeats with the right amount of pop for an acoustic soul sound that is unforgettable. Likewise, her music combines her ethereal vocals with elements that stay true to her Nigerian roots. Of course, this makes her a music mixologist with the best experience. Her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. We’ve also reviewed her “Pray For You” and “Love Is” tracks. One of BB Thomaz’s recent drops is the track “Never.” The song also has an accompanying official video. The song is also featured on her new album, Golden State of Mind.

A hypnotic backdrop of infectious beats makes “Never” a dynamic blend of afrosoul sounds. There are no lies written into any lyric, and they all mean business. Lyrics like “World is changing now, It’s crazy now. Gotta live, gotta live in the moment,” and “We’re scared but it’s never too late to believe, to believe in something” are powerfully delivered. The whole point is to make sure everyone has something to fight for and inspire them to work towards a better future. This recent drop of Thomaz’s provides a unique and immersive listening experience that reminds us to never give up. So, press play on BB Thomaz’s “Never” to remember not to give up on anything.

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