flakko up to you

Up To You

Flakko (Ft. KashOn)

Flakko and KashOn’s chemistry on “Up To You” is amazing.

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Connecticut, Flakko is a rapper and songwriter who got his career started at a young age. By 11 years old, he was already writing his own music. By 16, he started recording music. Flakko’s debut solo album, Local, came out in 2019. Before that, he collaborated with rappers like HitManHolla, Oun-P, and FredTheGodson. All of his work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Flakko’s latest hit is the energetic rap track, “Up To You.”

“Up To You” is from Local 2, Flakko’s latest mixtape, and it features rapper KashOn. The song has a catchy and energetic melody, but the vocals remain sentimental and intimate. This song is about the vulnerability of expressing yourself while being open to what someone else feels. At the same time, it shows how people can stay alone if they don’t come to learn about others. Lyrics like “So pick up the phone, don’t wanna be here all alone. Just send me a text, give me a call” state what the artists want. There are plenty of vulnerable moments within this song. So, press play on Flakko’s “Up To You” to learn how to maneuver relationships in your own world.