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Risk Takers

Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan’s music has always hit differently.

When it comes to soul-hop, Rich Homie Quan will go down as a great. He’s always had an uncanny ability to release hard-hitting music. This past weekend, Rich Homie returned to the music scene with “Risk Takers,” a melodic track that he absolutely shines in.

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A ‘Risk Taker’ can either be someone who isn’t afraid to try s**t out, or someone that is down to rob somebody for their jewelry. In “Risk Takers,” I think Rich Homie is talking about both. Over the song’s touching production, the Atlanta rapper hits us with highly infectious melodic raps that speak about his unique rise to the top and his willingness to die for what he has on his neck. More than anything, I love the passion, pain, and grit he displays in the song.

Give “Risk Takers” a shot below.