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Lost Soul (Los Sol)


An alternative single with a moving exploration.

Australian-based musical creative, Phi11a, is an emerging artist who has a sadder history than most. During his childhood, the artist experienced unexpected losses and hardships that ultimately helped shape him into who he is today. When he was 17 years old, Phi11a won his first rap battle. Later in 2019, he made his official debut with the Supah Mario-produced single, “Overdose.” Since then, his notoriety has only continued to grow. Phi11a has worked with well-known producers and artists, performed at festivals, and even sold out two headlined tours in Australia. He is truly a people person, and he attempts to connect with his audience every day. His work is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Phi11a’s latest drop is the alternative single, “Lost Soul (Los Sol).”

Mellow instrumentals and emotional undertones make “Lost Soul (Los Sol)” sound lighthearted when it’s a heavy hitter. It’s all about learning the real meaning of love and understanding how to let go of someone, even when you don’t want to. Lyrics like “I seen my life walk through the door. I goodbye its beautiful” and “Peer through the lies I heard before, You say goodbye to my lost soul” emotionally reflect on the true meanings of what a relationship should be. It is beautifully balanced and heartfelt. Phi11a gifts us a moving exploration of one’s own soul and its intentions. So, press play on Phi11a’s “Lost Soul (Los Sol)” to learn what it feels like to be one.

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