Illie Isamar Has A New "Benz"


Illie Isamar

A polished rap song with tons of ENERGY.

Born in Michoacán, Mexico, Illie Isamar is an artist that’s fiery and ready to pop. Though she was born in Mexico, Isamar has spent most of her life in the states, specifically in California. She is a musician that incorporates both her Mexican heritage and California roots in her sound. Illie’s influences are vast: they range from rap and hip-hop to emo and alternative. Similarly, Isamar’s audiences are widespread. She draws in people of all lifestyles to relate to her. Along with her hit song “Say You Will,” she has released plenty of other hits. They are all available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. Illie Isamar’s latest release is the rap tune, “Benz.” On this new track, she collaborates with fellow artist Asaiah Ziv.

Illie Isamar is not playing around on “Benz.” She has a confident personality surrounding her as she raps about expensive cars and money, along with other things. However, the song also has a serious side where Isamar details how she didn’t always have it. Lyrics like “Had to realize I was special, I need a milli in the bank and I ain’t gonna settle” and “Roll one for the time I was dead brokeshow she recognizes her worth and what she did to get there. Basically, it’s a success story, specifically Isamar’s success story from nothing to something. Additionally, there are flawless switches between English and Spanish that add to her exceptional abilities as an MC. Asaiah Ziv also provides vocals on the chorus that are excitable and filled with hype. So, stream Illie Isamar’s “Benz” to learn what it’s like to own one or two nice things after all your hard work pays off.

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