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Lil Baby Drops World Cup Anthem “The World Is Yours To Take”

IMG via YouTube

The World is Yours To Take

Lil Baby

Rumor has it that Lil Baby is team Nigeria (I started the rumor, BTW).

A bunch of artists claims that they are known worldwide. In Lil Baby’s case, he can say that because he was pegged to create an anthem for the upcoming FIFA World Cup tournament that starts in November. What a time to be a Lil Baby! (Actually, there’s a formula shortage, so little babies aren’t winning that much right now. But you get what I’m trying to say, right?)

In “The World Is Yours To Take,” Lil Baby raps about drinking Budweisers, having the heart of a lion, and wanting to reach his full potential. His relentless flows pair awkwardly but nicely with the flipped version of Tears For Fears’ classic “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” beat. How this song would be used on soccer telecasts is the biggest thing that interests me (It sorta has a not-so-infectious sound).

Give “The World Is Yours To Take” a shot below.

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