Wolfgang Burst Wants To Know "Do You Have The Time?"

Do You Have The Time

Wolfgang Burst

A heart-thumping alternative funk and jazz track.

Austin, Texas native, Wolfgang Burst, is a jack of all trades. Since the age of 11, he has been crafting music, specializing as a jazz pianist, arranger, songwriter, and rapper. Burst’s work has always been based on jazz; however, it’s not uncommon to see him dabbling in other types to go with it. He’s also worked with electronic and R&B, as well as other genres. After the 2021 release of his first single, “I Feel Alive With You,” he’s found a niche audience that works for him. Burst’s work is available on Spotify and SoundCloud. Now, after a break, Wolfgang Burst is back with his new jazz hit, “Do You Have The Time?” He has recruited vocalist Olivia Braxton to help create this soulful tune.

“Do You Have The Time” is a song that’s structurally coherent, yet chaotic. Of course, it’s jazz, so what can go wrong? The opening has an amazing saxophone solo that draws the listener in, and what they hear next blows past all expectations. Burst uses his musical experience to genre bend in this song especially. His end product: a culmination of jazz, funk, indie, and rap. Bass, drum, and sax all blend well into a single tune you will not forget. Olivia Braxton also shines in the track by providing grooviness and spirit. She has a silky and clear voice in a memorable, pop-filled chorus. Listening in makes one feel like they’re taking a big spoonful of warm brown sugar. So, stream Wolfgang Burst’s “Do You Have The Time?” to get that warm feeling for yourself.