John Weatherall Was “Born” For This

A pop single exploring life’s purpose.

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John Weatherall

A pop single that explores life’s purpose.

Musical creative, John Weatherall, is a singer and songwriter who loves pop as much as the next person. However, in Weatherall’s case, his pop songs showcase his distinctive style, making it clear that his music truly stands out in that genre. He has been in production for a few years, making his way around through the pandemic and finding stories to share within it. Most of his music is romantic or longing for home, and sometimes, that’s all we need to hear. Some of Weatherhall’s previous work includes tracks like “Lost in My Thoughts,” “Sad Beat Goes On,” and “Golden Tears.” His discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Most recently, John Weatherall released the pop single, “Born.”

This song is perfect for anyone who feels isolated in their current life. It starts out with a mellow, yet melodic backdrop. “Born” offers us the perfect intimate tone for a lonely reflection. Lyrics like “When I found my way back home, Back where I come from, I was so lonely inside, It doesn’t matter how I tried” and “Born to be free, Born to be alive, Born to be so frail, Born to be okay” are delivered with some sadness. Yet, there’s also some happiness available for those who find it. The point is there’s no reason to feel when you were made to do more and can now go do it. Weatherall explores the ups and downs of life with unquestionable authenticity. So press play and experience John Weatherall’s “Born” to discover what it’s like being born again.

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